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Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative will present 97 scholarships to the Class of 2023. Each scholarship winner will receive $1,500 to continue their education after high school. A total of $145,500 will be awarded.

Polk-Burnett’s scholarship program recognizes children of co-op members who demonstrate community service.

“Giving back to our local community and youth is part of our mission as a co-op,” said Polk-Burnett Communications Director Joan O’Fallon. “This year in honor of the co-op’s 85th anniversary, we’re helping more kids with larger scholarships than ever before!”

Since 1987, Polk-Burnett has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships to high school seniors, without affecting electricity rates for members. Scholarships are funded with unclaimed Capital Credits that would be forfeited to the state if not used for education, and by the generosity of co-op members who donate their Capital Credits. To donate, visit our online enrollment form or call 800-421-0283. 

Polk-Burnett’s 2023 Community Service Scholarship winners are (by name and high school):

  1. Taylor Andersen, Turtle Lake
  2. Blu Anderson, Amery
  3. Wyatt Anton, Siren
  4. Nathan Aubert, Siren
  5. Seth Baxter, Siren
  6. Kylie Blakeslee, Grantsburg
  7. Paetynn Bliese, Osceola
  8. Michael Boland, Unity
  9. Mia Brotzel, Amery
  10. Maggie Brown, Unity
  11. Sarah Carlson, Osceola
  12. Madilyn Carlson, Webster
  13. Taylor Childs, Spooner
  14. Bryn Connors, St. Croix Falls
  15. Grant Cook, Amery
  16. Jordyn Craker, Home School
  17. Sophia Crowe, Unity
  18. Myles Curtis, Amery
  19. Dahlia Dorn, Webster, Youth Tour delegate
  20. Tyler Dorweiler, Shell Lake
  21. Connor Eichelt, Unity
  22. Ashton Erickson, Webster
  23. Jason Evenson, Luck
  24. Matthew Fjestad, Stillwater
  25. Amanda Fogelberg, Osceola, Youth Tour delegate
  26. Hattie Fox, Osceola
  27. Brin Freer, Unity
  28. Marlee Gibson, Osceola
  29. Autumn Guckenberger, Osceola
  30. Ryan Hafner, Stillwater
  31. Hannah Hebert, Stillwater
  32. Ethan Henry, Blaine
  33. Joel Hillman, Siren
  34. Carson Hollman, Osceola
  35. Alexander Hopkins, St. Croix Preparatory
  36. Kadyn Hudak, Prescott
  37. Tyler Hutter, Somerset
  38. Nolan Imhoff, St. Croix Falls
  39. Aleah Jensen, St. Croix Falls
  40. Josie Johnson, St. Croix Falls
  41. Abigail Jonas, Osceola
  42. Amelia King, Luck
  43. Katelyn Kozak, St. Croix Falls
  44. Madeline Kramer, Grantsburg
  45. Carson Lee, Grantsburg
  46. Kylee Lindquist, Siren
  47. Roselyn Lundquist, Frederic
  48. Brigitta  Maas, Cumberland
  49. Karli Mayer, Osceola
  50. Brianna McCurdy, St. Croix Falls
  51. Mackaylan McGown, Simley
  52. Brock McKinley, Webster
  53. Kaitlyn McMillin, Centennial
  54. Isabelle Measner, Osceola
  55. Delilah Micheels, Clayton
  56. Bryant Molamphy, Unity
  57. Madeline Monchilovich, Cumberland
  58. Jack Nelson, Osceola
  59. Gavin Olson, Osceola
  60. Emily Oman, Amery
  61. Robert Orf, Turtle Lake
  62. Hunter Pickard, Clear Lake
  63. Drew Pingel, Osceola
  64. Ella Quist, Osceola
  65. Ethan Race, Osceola
  66. Haley Reger, Somerset
  67. Wyatt Reindahl, Clear Lake
  68. Lexi Rosenbaum, Webster
  69. Madison Schafer, Grantsburg
  70. Olivia Schiebel, Osceola
  71. Aurora Schwartz, Amery
  72. Sara Sellent, Luck
  73. Michael Shannon, St. Croix Falls
  74. Garrett Slater, Osceola
  75. Matthew Slechta, Osceola
  76. Sydney Smith, Unity
  77. Caleb Smith, Webster
  78. Jack Stang, River Falls
  79. Aiden Steffen, Osceola
  80. Kobe Stinson, Amery
  81. Connor Svoboda, Luck
  82. Ivy Sweeney, Cumberland
  83. Derek Thiex, Siren
  84. Erika Tiedemann, Turtle Lake
  85. Hadley Tims, Shell Lake
  86. Jack Trandum, Amery
  87. Rachel Ulrich, Osceola
  88. Ava Ulrich, Osceola
  89. David Valentine, Unity
  90. Caysie Ward, Osceola
  91. Ava Washburn, Webster
  92. Alexis Wedin, Grantsburg
  93. Amber Wedin, Grantsburg
  94. Grace Weitzel, Stillwater
  95. Vanessa Wickstrom, Grantsburg
  96. Miles Wilson, St. Croix Falls
  97. Annie Zinn, Amery