Off-Peak Rates

Power is less expensive when demand is low
Off-peak electric service enables Polk-Burnett members to take advantage of reduced rates for electric hard-wired heat and/or electric water heaters of 80 gallons or larger that can be controlled or temporarily turned off for economic reasons or during periods of high demand. By controlling these devices with a radio receiver through a process called load management, Polk-Burnett can balance electric demand more evenly which helps to reduce costs.  (off-peak wiring diagram)

Off-Peak Interruptible Rate

Electric resistance heat with no automatic backup

Electric baseboard only
Electric plenum heat only
Ground source heat pump only

Wood does not qualify as backup heat 

Off-Peak Dual Fuel Rate

Electric resistance heat with an automatic or storage heat backup

Baseboard/LP Furnace or ETS
GWHP/LP Furnace
Mini-Boiler (in-floor water heat)

Wood does not qualify as backup heat

Off-Peak Storage Rate

Electric heat that can be shut off for up to 14 hours/day

In-floor slab heat (cables)
ETS room unit
ETS furnace  

80+ gallon electric water heater