Every small change today......helps preserve tomorrow

Polk-Burnett's EnergySense program was established in 2003 to promote energy conservation.  Offering rebates on products that save money for you, the member, and save demand and transmission costs for the cooperative overall.  

Energy Sense Logo   (Look for the energy star logo on the lower right corner of the EnergyGuide)

Look for the Energy Star logo on refrigerators, freezers, inductive ranges, clothes washers, electric clothes dryers, dishwashers, and dehumidifiers.   

Why install a high efficiency refrigerator or freezer then put the old working energy hog in the garage for a beverage cooler?  Why not recycle with a reputable dealer and receive a rebate.  Polk-Burnett also offers a rebate for recycling an old working window air conditioner. 

Polk-Burnett offers rebates on new LED light bulbs for residential members.

Polk-Burnett offers rebates on new LED light bulbs and new LED fixtures for Agricultural / Commercial / Industrial members.

Consider upgrading to an ECM variable speed blower in your new furnace. 

Consider upgrading to an air-source heat pump for your cooling needs.  Bonus - receive a high efficiency heating source in the fall, spring, and warmer winter days. 

Have you ever thought about installing a high efficiency ground source heat pump?  Now may be the time; Polk-Burnett offers rebates and federal tax credits are available.

Uncomfortable in you home?  High heating/cooling costs?  Polk-Burnett can help you with that by lowering the cost of a blower door/infrared testing process. Polk-Burnett will rebate you 3/4 of the cost of a home performance test.  Having the process done can save you wasted money on improvements that do little for your investment.  Please call 800-421-0283 ext 595 for a list of approved energy raters and find out/verify where the improvements really need to be made to save you money.

Polk-Burnett pays up to 30% of the cost (not to exceed $1000) of home improvements made based on the home performance test and the reduction of air infiltration that was achieved.  A second test within 12 months after the original test was conducted will be free of charge and will show what the reduction result is.  

Polk-Burnett offers a $500 rebate for a new home.  You will need to call Polk-Burnett and have your home tested by an approved energy rater.  The test results must show less than a 3.0 ACH at -50 pascals in order to qualify. 

Polk-Burnett pays up to $750 for qualifying wind/solar interconnected grid projects. 

Purchasing a new e-vehicle? Polk-Burnett offers a rebate on 240V hard-wired residential charging station, when purchasing the charging station from Polk-Burnett.

Prescriptive rebates are available for: 
Commercial vending machines
Dairy Plate cooler/well water pre-cooler
Dairy refrigeration heat recover
Low-zero energy livestock waterer
Exhaust Fans
Circulation Fan
Scroll refrigerant compressors
Variable frequency drives

Compressed air audits

Custom Rebates:  (high energy efficiency upgrades will be calculated based on new product or replacement product information that you provide for your project(s)  
Examples include but are not limited to: 
  Ultra efficiency three phase motors
  Process horsepower reduction
  Energy Star commercial food service equipment
  Grocer cooler/freezer controls
  Beverage & vending machine controls
  Building & lodging  light/energy management controls
  Improvements to the envelope of electrically heated buildings
  Low Pressure irrigation system
  Efficient grain drying
  Livestock environmental controls  


Mail in (PDF) rebate forms:   Rebate forms to print and mail in with supporting documentation          

Online rebate forms: online submission only