What Co-op Members Should Know Before Installing Home Solar or Wind

Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative wants to help members determine if the installation of a renewable generation system is a good fit for you and your property. For answers to your questions and things you should consider before making an investment, please review the resources below, including interconnection requirements and flow chart of Polk-Burnett's process from start to finish, and don't forget to apply for a rebate!

If you are ready to proceed, please complete and submit your application to Polk-Burnett.  
Renewable Energy Application

Questions? Call 800-421-0283, x319, or email to Todd Schulte, member services manager.

Did you know co-op members can buy Evergreen renewable energy blocks? Learn how you can support renewables energy without owning your own panels or turbines. 

Resources for Home Installation of Solar or Wind Systems
Questions to Ask Solar Vendor, Considerations Before Installation, Myths & Facts, Glossary
Solar Energy FAQs, Contractor Qs, Solar System Sizing & Resources for Members Considering Solar from Touchstone Energy
Polk-Burnett Co-Generation, Interconnection Requirements
Polk-Burnett Co-Generation, Interconnection Flow Chart
Renewable Energy Rebates for Co-op Members
Solar Quote Comparison Worksheet


Considering solar energy for your home? Ask these questions before installing and give your electric co-op a call. We're here to help!